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SAL-SAL-031 Invoice Validation

Business/ Functional Requirements

Process Flow

Common Objects



Next Numbers


Data Dictionary Items

Item Alias Description Type/Size UDC/NN
Invoice Error Code Y55INEC Invoice Error Code String/10 VE
Invoice Error Res Y55INER Invoice Error Resolution String/3 VR

User Defined Codes

Invoice Validation Error Codes (57/VE)

Code Description UDC/NN
DATE Review Shipping Date 57/VE
EMAIL Missing Email Address 57/VE
SURCHARGE Surcharge Needs Review 57/VE
SURPRICE Surcharge Missing Price 57/VE
SDATE Shipping Date Not Same 57/VE
ACTIVITY Invalid Order Activity 57/VE
DAYS Number of Days Exceeding 57/VE
PERIOD Review Period 57/VE

Invoice Validation Resolution Codes (57/VR)

Code Description UDC/NN
APP Approved by the User 57/VR
PGM Passed by the Validation Pgm 57/VR


  1. F5542B3E - Invoice Validation Errors
  2. F554211 - Sales Order Detail Tag - Changes


  1. V5542B3E- All Fields of F5542B3E
  2. V5542B3 - Join of F4211 and F4941
  3. V5542B3D - Join of F4211 and F554211

Processing Options

  1. T5542B3- Invoice Validation
  2. T5542B3A- Print Invoice

Interactive Application

P5542B3E - Invoice Validation Errors

Batch Applications

  1. R5542B3 - Invoice Validation
  2. R5542B3A - Invoice Generation

Business Functions

  1. N5542B3 - SF Business Functions